About Us

Co+Create Retreats is a focused wellness company offering the best wellness retreats, customized retreat planning, and personalized travel planning.

Our Philosophy

Our founder Mani Boatright built Co+Create Retreats to craft luxurious retreats exactly as she would want them to be — filled with ease, meditation, luxury accommodations, and healthy gourmet food. Our retreats allow guests to escape the busyness of everyday life, rejuvenate their bodies and minds, and leave feeling refreshed and centered.

We offer wellness retreats in scenic locations throughout the U.S. and the world, such as Costa Rica, Sedona, AZ, Leavenworth, WA, and Manzanita, OR. We also provide curated retreat and travel planning that allows clients to experience the perfect getaway for their needs.

Owner / Host, Meditation Guide

Mani Boatright

Mani Boatright is the owner and founder of Co+Create Retreats and our primary host for our luxury retreats. Mani has a background in event design and styling that allows her to create a highly curated event that is a luxurious highlight for attendees.

After many years in the wedding, event, and travel industry, Mani found inspiration to create relaxing escapes for those in search of renewal. Whether she is hosting a meditation weekend or coordinating a week-long skill-building workshop, Mani's goal is to create ease and awakening for every guest.

Drawn to self-improvement, Mani has studied various meditation techniques. She has become certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR), which is a blend of meditation, bodily awareness, and mindful movement. As she leads guests through MSBR meditation, they can gain awareness of how their bodies handle and resolve stress neurologically.

Spiritual Coach / Author

Angela Lenhardt


Angela Lenhardt is inspired to share her gifts as a Spiritual Coach and Feng Shui Consultant. Working closely with clients, she helps people increase their flow of abundance, health, love, and harmony. She has 20 years of experience in the field and has helped celebrities, CEOs, entrepeneurs, and individuals seeking intuative life and business coaching. She owns a private healing center in Denver, Colorado and offers personal consultations as well as in groupd settings like workshops, healing events, and retreats.

Angela is also the author of several acclaimed books, A Charmed Journey: An Inspired Guide to Personal Transformation and Trigger the Wonder Horse: Memoir of A Spiritual Warrior.

Yoga Instructor

Kelsey Regan

Kelsey Regan has been a dedicated yoga student since 2009 and a yoga teacher since 2014. She began practicing yoga as a way to center her mind and purposefully move her body.

Kelsey became instantly hooked on how movement, breath, and stillness made her feel. Little did she know yoga would become a consistent force in her life for many years.

Kelsey shares her knowledge of and passion for yoga throughout the Portland metro area. Her yoga classes include lessons highlighting the yoga philosophy, fluid and accessible alignment, breath, music, and heart.

Certified Mindfulness Coach / sound healer

Ava Joubert

Ava learned to meditate in 2015 and saw an immediate shift in perceiving and managing stress. She became a student of meditation and mindfulness, incorporating it into her life, which led to impactful changes. She became a Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher in 2021 and a Sound Healing Practitioner in 2023. She teaches in the community and at Portland Community College.

While she loves Palm Springs and Sunriver, Ava is a lifelong Oregonian, who's happiest when smelling the salt air of the Oregon Coast.
She lives in Portland with her husband.

Yoga Instructor

Marybeth Stephens

Marybeth fell in love with yoga in 2017 when seeking a new way to build strength and better cope with a fast-paced job and the stresses of everyday life. She has been committed to a strong practice ever since.

She has had the privilege and pleasure to belong to three studios in Vancouver, WA; which has given her exposure to many teachers and styles of yoga. Marybeth loves opportunities to learn new skills, styles, and methods.

Marybeth completed her RYT200 from Parallel 45, she is a member of Yoga Alliance and has continued her education with certifications in Yin and Mindfulness. Vinyasa is her passion and she is excited to share her practice with the community.

When she is not working remotely as a Human Resources / Administrative Services Director for an engineering firm or practicing and teaching yoga, Marybeth can be found spending quality time with her family and friends.

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