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Jul 25, 2023

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Our 2023 retreats had all been planned and scheduled when I was first contacted by Angela, a mutual connection thought we might be a good fit to work together.

Speaking with her we clicked right away, and I was intrigued to learn more about what she offered and what her dreams of leading a retreat looked like.

Angela’s spiritual gifts and loving approach to serving others are what I am drawn to, and I can’t wait to share her knowledge on our Co+Create Retreat in Costa Rica.

In her own words, Angela describes what she offers to clients:

“At its most basic core, I specialize in helping my clients increase their flow of abundance, health, love, and harmony. I channel information, offer energy clearings and recommendations for change. I intuitively look at each client’s unique situation to provide the best practical advice. My wonderful good fortune has led me to travel through China and Thailand to study Feng Shui, yoga, nutrition, Qigong, Reiki, meditation, and Thai Massage.

I bring together the knowledge of many masters to support my clients in a positive, confidential transformation. And, when you choose to work with me, I encourage an environment that is full of potential to help you achieve your desired outcomes.”

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To get to know her a little better, I asked Angela a few questions

Tell me what a typical group session might look like.

“Group sessions are designed to be supportive, inspired and powerful. You can choose your level of participation based on your comfort zone.  It’s totally up to you! Our time together is intended to be transformative and healing, as we journey into the mind/body through a combination of guided meditations, reflection, journaling and specific techniques that provide a pathway into releasing the past and creating a conscious connection with your authentic Self. “

What is your inspiration for doing this retreat?

“My inspiration for doing the retreat: I was born to do this “work.” I’m passionate about helping others heal from the inside-out, therefore immersing the body in an environment that enhances health and well-being is exciting and rejuvenating. Whether we practice yoga on a white beach or take a pilgrimage deep within the mountains, being present and in a state of gratitude is fundamental for spiritual growth and awareness.”

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What are some other locations you would like to host a retreat?

“What are some other locations that I’d like to host: Domestic or International, Let’s go!   From the hiking trails in Sedona, to the sandy coastline of cape cod, adventures in Ireland, vineyards in Portugal or the northern lights in Iceland, let’s create an unforgettable experience together! Adventure awaits and miracles happen with an open heart and mind.”

We can’t wait for you to join us in Costa Rica in October! Mani

Learn more about Angela Lenhardtand her services at https://angelalenhardt.com/

For more information go to https://cocreateretreats.com/retreat/costa-rica-retreat/

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Mani has studied various meditation techniques. She has become certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR), which is a blend of meditation, bodily awareness, and mindful movement. As she leads guests through MSBR meditation, they can gain awareness of how their bodies handle and resolve stress neurologically.

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