Sunriver Retreat 2022

Dec 6, 2022


The Sunriver retreat in May of 2022 was our first event as Co+Create and we could not be happier with how amazing the weekend was!

What are the components that go into planning a luxury wellness retreat? Number one is an amazing location! The Caldera Springs House was the perfect fit, with 6 ensuite king bedrooms and a bunkroom for staff. The beautiful gourmet kitchen and stylish living space gave us all the room we needed for yoga, gourmet meals and relaxation.

Sunrive House Retreat - Co + Create Retreats

Planning the meals with our caterer, Chef Ingrid Rohrer, was a delight. Ingrid was sure to accommodate our guests’ dietary needs while making delicious and healthy meals. We also provided yummy breakfasts, charcuterie boards, and wine and beverages. This group was health conscious and drank more coffee than wine!

Our yoga instructor, Kelsey Regan, is so knowledgeable and inspirational. Her approach is strong but compassionate, fiercely loving, and deeply accepting. Kelsey worked with our group of experienced yogis and first-time participants. Growing and challenging us throughout the weekend.

We also incorporated hiking in the beautiful Bend, Oregon area. The hikes featured creek side urban trails, remote butte views, and challenging waterfall locations. This group of women was ready to go and pushed to achieve a strenuous workout!

The final touch was an introduction to a meditation practice. With a group of energetic, capable women this may have been the biggest challenge! Learning to slow down, be in the present moment, and quiet their minds was a mindfulness practice that our guests can hopefully take back into their busy daily lives.

We were able to add special touches like ambient music, relaxing oil diffusers, and lovely fresh flowers in each room. The guests each received a gift of a personalized glass and bamboo water bottle and a stylish yoga blanket. My assistant Jordyn Grube was so helpful, Jordyn fit in beautifully with the guests and was my right hand woman in hosting this retreat.

Our first retreat was a great success and our team learned so much that we are taking into our future plans! We hope you can join us in 2023!

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About the Author

Mani has studied various meditation techniques. She has become certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR), which is a blend of meditation, bodily awareness, and mindful movement. As she leads guests through MSBR meditation, they can gain awareness of how their bodies handle and resolve stress neurologically.

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