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Enjoying a relaxing getaway in a beautiful destination is an excellent way to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. But planning a vacation that meets all of your needs can sometimes feel more stressful than it's worth.

At Co+Create Retreats, we offer specialized travel planning that allows you to experience your dream getaway without the hassle of planning it yourself. Our expert travel coordinator, Mani Boatright, has extensive experience in wedding, event, and travel planning. She knows the best ways to curate travel experiences that check all of her clients' boxes and exceed their expectations.

Personalized Travel Planning

The best vacation getaways require extensive planning to get just right. When you set out on your long-awaited vacation, you want to feel confident that your vision for the trip will come to fruition. Whether you're expecting a relaxing beach oasis, a cozy mountain getaway, or a luxury island vacation, the last thing you want is to feel disappointed at the end of your trip.

Working with an expert travel coordinator is the most effective way to curate a trip that brings your dreams to life. At Co+Create Retreats, our travel coordinator has spent years planning luxury getaways for clients. Mani has the resources and knowledge to identify the travel arrangements, VIP perks, and special accommodations to fulfill your wildest travel dreams.

We'll handle every detail of your travel plans for you, down to the outings and meals you'll enjoy each day. All you'll need to do is board your flight and enjoy your custom-tailored getaway experience.

Retreat-Like Travel Experiences

Our Co+Create Retreats team hosts three luxury retreats each year. If you can't make it to one of our high-end wellness retreats, we can curate a retreat-like experience in a customized vacation.

Mani organizes custom vacations that allow clients to enjoy retreat-like getaways without the group experience. You can eat gourmet farm-to-table food, participate in spa treatments and energy-healing experiences, take challenging yoga classes, and focus on rejuvenating your body and mind during these retreat-like vacations.

Booking a personalized travel experience outside of an organized retreat allows you to customize every detail and share your retreat with only the people you choose. Mani can discuss your wants and needs for your retreat and curate a relaxing, luxurious, unforgettable experience.

Contact our travel coordinator Mani today at 360-281-9228 to begin planning your next trip with Co+Create Retreats.

Rejuvenate Your Body & Mind

Contact our travel coordinator Mani today at 360-281-9228 to begin planning your next trip.